Diário da participação da SNSF nas Jornadas Mundiais da Juventude – Lisboa 2023


#July 31st | Reception

Publicado a 31.07.23



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Today has been a day for final preparations and welcome.
Welcome of pilgrims staying at Ericeira and many youths who passed through the square, church and house of São Mamede.
At the end of the day we had music concert by a Guinean group.

Young people are celebrating. They got up and are going quickly to meet Pope Francis.
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Sr. Maria Júlia Vicente


Buses with young italians arrived overnight. The first group arrived at 7pm and the last one will arrive at 4am. The parish of Benedita will host 888 young people. More than 100 families volunteered to host young people. As a community of insertion, we also welcomed six young pilgrims. We had a welcoming party with italian music and portuguese food. Everyone enjoyed the party.

Servants at the community in Benedita

SNSF na JMJ Lisboa 2023